28 Ways to Use PLR

28 Great Ways to Use PLR

Here are some great ideas of ways to use PLR content:

1.  Use is as content for your website or blog. You can break down ebooks or reports into articles or blog posts.

2.  Sell the PLR content as products on your website directly or through Ebay, Amazon and other marketplaces.

3.  Compile a PLR article pack into an eBook and use it as a viral marketing tool.

4.  Use the content in your auto responder series.

5.  Use the articles to create scripts for YouTube videos. You could simply create videos which contain a number of PowerPoint slides and photos, put them on YouTube and embed them into your website. YouTube is a growing source of Internet traffic and not many people are using private label rights in this way. Pick bits from different articles and create a new and original “mash up”.

6.  Use PLR articles as a starting point for research and inspiration.

7.  Create your own membership site or a web store.

8.  Use the content to set up a newsletter for your subscribers.

9.  Use the content for your autoresponders.

10. You can arrange a profitable joint venture with other Internet marketers and create special packages.

11.  Give away the product as a gift to your new list. It will make your subscribers happy and you can put your affiliate link in it to make extra profit. This is a great way to build a list.

12.  Create an eCourse and give it away to your subscribers. This is another great way to build a list.

13.  Make money with Google Adsense. Use content to create many Adsense sites easily and quickly.

14. Use the product as a bonus for your main product. This will raise your conversions.

15. Promote an affiliate product on ClickBank or JVzoo and offer the PLR as a bonus to customers who come in through your affiliate link.

16.  Use the PLR content to create your own information product which you can sell on Clickbank and JVzoo.

17.  Setup your own affiliate program and have others promote your product. To jump start your affiliate program, write a short and useful report, mention your product and allow your affiliates to put in their own affiliate links. Once your affiliates start giving it away to their visitors or subscribers, you’ll be making money on autopilot for many years to come.

18.  Turn the product into a video tutorial which you can sell, give to your visitors, and/or put on YouTube to gain high quality traffic and backlinks to your website.

19.  Turn the content into an audio series or podcast.

20.  Transform the content into mobile apps. This is a new popular way to make money in a hot market.

21.  Create a tangible product. For example, put the PLR content into CDs or DVDs and ship them to your customers. The shipping cost of a CD/DVD is cheap and people still like to get mail!

22.  Build a website, fill it with PLR and flip it. You can sell it on popular website marketplaces like Flippa.com or marketing forums like Warrior Forum.

23.  Use the content to create an informative press release. Submit it to press release websites to gain high quality traffic and permanent backlinks.

24.  Rewrite the content and submit it to article directories or as a guest blog post on other people blogs. Be careful, however, with this option. Make sure you have completely rewritten the PLR so you do not have problems with the Google algorithm.

25.  Create print books or reports. Many people still prefer to read a real, tangible book.

26.  Use the content to develop a webinar or teleseminar.

27.  Translate the PLR content into other languages to reach new audiences.

28.  Finally, you can learn and use the information within the package as part of your own education.